Sunday, July 31, 2011

Going Global

Today's is day 5 in the world of embryo growth, which means a healthy embryo is 60-100 cells. The cells have begun to sort themselves into who's going to play the roll of the placenta and who's going to be the baby. As of today, should any natural splitting occur, it has happened.

For me, it's an 'damn, I wish I could see inside' day.
I feel great, maybe feeling some twinges late tonight, but most likely gas--you're welcome--since everything is jammed up against my abdominal muscles.

When the Women's World Cup was in South Africa, my college roommate/ teammate and I seriously considered going. And after visiting her, I got pregnant with Baby K and had my own little journey through pregnancy and delivery.

This cycle, our third IVF overall but first in a new journey, is nine days ahead of the cycle that brought us K. This is purely by chance in that it's just the way it worked out after starting back in February.

My friend AMS has a 4yo and 2yo twins just two weeks apart--conceived all on her own. And the list goes on.

Back when I was doing acupuncture, the needle sticker told me my body was 'on a summer schedule'--you know, from the looks of my tongue, my summer bday, and my love for summer foods. (I'm knocking it, but I did like it--minus the $80/session).

I read a study a few days ago--while contemplating a career change to become an embryologist--that pregnancy rates are higher in the summer possibly due to melatonin that is found in the follicles portecting the eggers like an antioxidant.

So, I pose the question to the nearly 800 people that have at one point read this, from 9 different countries: is the body 'pre-programmed'?

Just a deep question to ponder while I sit and wait for one embryo at a time to hatch.


  1. you could totally be an embryologist. thatd be so cool. so would a 3rd masters. were you asking yours what school she went to and the prereqs, demand, and pay? i could totally picture it. Sending good vibes to you... right..... now!!!

  2. Well, thanks, O. Would be interesting. And now I know who the Hong Kong visitor is!

  3. It was the men's world cup. I had no interest flying 5000 miles to see chicks play soccer...