Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 2 post transfer

We are a go for Day 3. Yes, there is some thought that a day 5 blast transfer is better, but due to numbers and quality we're going with Day 3--and need every positive thought, religious spirit, and good vibe.

14 eggs retrieved
7 fertilized
1 with tri-polar (genetically abnormal/fertilized by 2 sperm)*
2 B 4 & 2 cells
3 C 4, & 2(2)
1 D
* not sure how that happened when we used ICIS and can't really get an answer, but it's a junker now.

I had to take a day to greive over these stats and so I couldnt post yesterday on true day two.

About the grading:
Each clinic is independent in their grading. The history: When IVF first started, it was up to the labs to determine the grading schema. Since there were so few labs and the pregnancy rates pretty low, there seemed to be no worries about it.

Now that IVF is available to the masses--or at least those with good insurance or deep pockets, it's more of a nuisance to lab directors to go back through all the cases and change it to an industry standard.

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