About me...

My bio consists of college, graduate school (x2), and many jobs within two careers. My husband is an American Warior and as such, our Tricare insurance only pays for monitoring--no procedures.

In 2004, I came off the BCPs thinking we'd be with baby within 6 months. But six months came and went, so did 10, and 15 and a lot of 'milky eggwhites', propped post-sex hips, and WTHs.

And my loving husband left for vacation in Iraq for 15-months.

In 2007, a coworker, in passing, said 'you'll have a hard time you two are too smart." Damn, she was right.

Husband returned in late 2007, and I sought help from an OB/GYN who put me on Clomid with HcG trigger--and all the US showed beautiful follicles each month, for six months. During this time I'm was a pterodactyl who wanted to eat her young (but didn't have any, boo).

In 2008 we moved to Boston, and due to the lovely Tricare system, had to sart the referral process all over again. Yes, with all the moving, the hundreds of thousand of military family members re-start healthcare each time it's a new region--Tricare just can't figure it out (duh). I requested a referral to RE and ended up at RSC. One IUI, lap surgery to cut out a cyst (that ended up being pooled fluid), some endo scraping, and an IVF cycle that resulted in four eggs retrieved--and non available for transfer--we 'got lucky' on number two--with two implants, but miscarried Baby A. Baby B--now called Baby K--was born April 2010. From that cycle, two embies were frozen.

I breastfed and six months to the day post partum, AF came. I began having regular periods--surprise!--but was not ovulating based on OPKs--no surprise.

I stopped BF in December and let the milk die down in January. In feb I got a new referral to the RE and made that appointment to start the FET. Saline US in March was clear and the FET was in April and unsuccessful--lots of cramping the week after. A blog was born.

A phone consult later we were ordering meds for an IVF cycle and I was on the road to blogging about my journey one embryo at a time.