Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's web a long weekend and we've been having some gloomy weather. And while looking for something else, I found this:

The highlight? It's a medical tourism group from India.

I didn't look at any content besides the landing page, but that alone had me interested.

Let's go to India!

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Weak Week

Seven days have past. In seven days you can do a lot--like eat seven peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches. For me it seems I've done nothing but given myself 7 stabs, processed 7cc of progesterone, and well, ate 7 PB&Js (note: wine has been replaced by PB&J.

We've also watched a bunch of mini-videos with Baby K and The loving husband. So many times that he reported singing Twinkle Twinkle today at work. But my fave is The Wheels On the Bus to which Baby K has little movements. In an uncoordinated and sorry attempt at keeping time to the music, they are so sweet and precious. Meanwhile, the husband is taking up a new career rewriting the lyrics: "Mommy don't forget to do your shot, do your shot, do your shot. Mommy don't forget to do your shot to help make more babies."

And it's 8:35pm so cheers to day number seven. The seventh shot, in the seventh hour (if we were on central time). And to a weak week. Blah.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Folding of an Embryo

I'm trucking along here at 4dp3dt (4 days past 3 day transfer) with absolutely nothing to tell you about except how many times I Goog.le it--a google amount! I stress out my super-suave husband when I start to do any housework--but hey, maybe he's right! My embryos are folding so I don't have to!

Here's a little multimedia clip to show off what our super cells are doing:

YouTube: the growing embryo

Update: sorry if the link isnt working. Try pasting this:

Monday, August 1, 2011

How Many Days...

...Does it take to get an insurance referral?
...Until I can get an appointment with the Doctor?
...Does it take for me to start a cycle?
...Do I need to wait until I can start a new cycle?
...Are my follicles going to need?
...To hear back on my blood work?
...Will my embryos survive?
...Should I abstain from sex before the semen analysis?
...Until the swelling goes down?
...Should I have my period for?
...Do I have to stick the giant needle in?
...Will I have to listen to other people's IVF success stories until I can share mine?
...Do I have to use these waxy, leaky suppositories?
...Should I not work out/elevate my heart rate?
...Can I not eat sushi?
...Do I have until my bill has to be paid in full?
...Will it take to get those meds delivered?
...Can I 'get out' of housework--like vacuuming, and lifting heavy objects--like the groceries and laundry?
...Until I can take a pregnancy test?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Going Global

Today's is day 5 in the world of embryo growth, which means a healthy embryo is 60-100 cells. The cells have begun to sort themselves into who's going to play the roll of the placenta and who's going to be the baby. As of today, should any natural splitting occur, it has happened.

For me, it's an 'damn, I wish I could see inside' day.
I feel great, maybe feeling some twinges late tonight, but most likely gas--you're welcome--since everything is jammed up against my abdominal muscles.

When the Women's World Cup was in South Africa, my college roommate/ teammate and I seriously considered going. And after visiting her, I got pregnant with Baby K and had my own little journey through pregnancy and delivery.

This cycle, our third IVF overall but first in a new journey, is nine days ahead of the cycle that brought us K. This is purely by chance in that it's just the way it worked out after starting back in February.

My friend AMS has a 4yo and 2yo twins just two weeks apart--conceived all on her own. And the list goes on.

Back when I was doing acupuncture, the needle sticker told me my body was 'on a summer schedule'--you know, from the looks of my tongue, my summer bday, and my love for summer foods. (I'm knocking it, but I did like it--minus the $80/session).

I read a study a few days ago--while contemplating a career change to become an embryologist--that pregnancy rates are higher in the summer possibly due to melatonin that is found in the follicles portecting the eggers like an antioxidant.

So, I pose the question to the nearly 800 people that have at one point read this, from 9 different countries: is the body 'pre-programmed'?

Just a deep question to ponder while I sit and wait for one embryo at a time to hatch.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Home on the Range

We arrived home this afternoon and started the laundry immediately, taking time to get organized while Baby K and Doggie D were still at my parents' house.

Felling the belly bloat, but otherwise good. We made a plan for the week to coverdown with the sitter and daycare as we both head back to work Monday. Hopefully that will mean left lifting of the little butterball for me, but I can't wait to get my hands on her after my week without her.

We also took the time to mow the jungle and tend to our container garden. It just so happened that our neighborsmoved out while we were gone and they left behind an untamed, disaster of a garden. So, we recycled some of their plants into our containers. It's not stealing, as we live in military housing, and technically they were abandoned. Plus, the tomato plants were snuffing out the squash/pumpkins. I think these people just put their veggetable food trash in this one area of their yard, staked it off from thie enormous dog, and whatever grew became their garden. Very green. Very annoying. It attracted birds and squirrels and they'd drop food on our side of the fence that Doggie D would then eat and get sick.

But they're gone. Whew. Now it's just a matter of what we get next.

I ate a PB&J, snipped a few hydrangeas, tossed in a load or two, hollered out a few 'how tos', before the husband yelled at me to park it on the couch. So hard when it's so nice out.

But this is just the beginning of the two-week wait.

Next hurdle: August 11.
Twelve days until we find out our fate.

Seems like forever!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Put it Back!

So, late last night after semi-depressing news I aske husband, "what do we do? Pray? Beg? Give up and start planning for a second cycle?"

I already knew the answer: All of above.

I remember stating we need a miracle as I sipped a glass of malbec. With only two B grades and one being a 2-cell, things weren't looking too great. But husband kept the flame going.

Today we rolled in at 9:30 and were the first couple for transfers. We got the briefing: check the PIO injection sites, IV site (all three), and the Valium.

I started drinking water as I had about 40 minutes till go time. But within 30 I was hurting, so I went and let a little pee out (this is actually harder than it sounds with all the swelling and abdominal bloating).

Finally we were called back and the US tech checked my bladder with the external wand. Then the Doc came in and gave us the run down.
2 4cf
Woaha! Three Bs?two are 8 celled?
Ok. Husband and I needed a second. We were expecting maybe an 6Cf and were thinking of adding that to the mix since they won't freeze t. But now with two 8s and a 7... Hum, triplets? Many complications--and what is the stars aligned and one of the 8s split?

Ok, after a little discussion, we'll stick with two and freeze the 7cell.

Practice transfer went fine, embryos came in, saw them on the big screen then watched the catheter deposit some babies in my uterus.

Yesterday I was doing my physical therapy and the PT suggested I use a stack of books. Well, in a hotel, the only books you can find are a bible and a book of Mormon. I decided not to stand on them to stretch my achilles.

Last time we had two beans with heartbeats, so we are hoping for the same great success. Accepting well wishes, prayers, good thoughts, and anything else you got for the next two weeks. Pregnancy test the day after my birthday! One hurdle at a time.