Saturday, July 30, 2011

Home on the Range

We arrived home this afternoon and started the laundry immediately, taking time to get organized while Baby K and Doggie D were still at my parents' house.

Felling the belly bloat, but otherwise good. We made a plan for the week to coverdown with the sitter and daycare as we both head back to work Monday. Hopefully that will mean left lifting of the little butterball for me, but I can't wait to get my hands on her after my week without her.

We also took the time to mow the jungle and tend to our container garden. It just so happened that our neighborsmoved out while we were gone and they left behind an untamed, disaster of a garden. So, we recycled some of their plants into our containers. It's not stealing, as we live in military housing, and technically they were abandoned. Plus, the tomato plants were snuffing out the squash/pumpkins. I think these people just put their veggetable food trash in this one area of their yard, staked it off from thie enormous dog, and whatever grew became their garden. Very green. Very annoying. It attracted birds and squirrels and they'd drop food on our side of the fence that Doggie D would then eat and get sick.

But they're gone. Whew. Now it's just a matter of what we get next.

I ate a PB&J, snipped a few hydrangeas, tossed in a load or two, hollered out a few 'how tos', before the husband yelled at me to park it on the couch. So hard when it's so nice out.

But this is just the beginning of the two-week wait.

Next hurdle: August 11.
Twelve days until we find out our fate.

Seems like forever!

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  1. Seriously, I love your blog! I am still learning all of the IVF terms, but I get the idea. I will be thinking of your little embryos and hoping for the best. I am out of town until Thursday, but let me know what I can help you with on Friday and/or the wknd! Seriously! If you need me to watch K, let me know...don't go paying someone! BTW - that pedi we had in Newburgh was the best! We should go again soon!