Sunday, July 24, 2011

IVF CD 'Lucky' 7

Things are going pretty well so far. I began monitoring on CD4 with 2 follicles on the left and 1 on the right over 10mm with E2 at 1124. Today's report is somewhere around 14 >10 with 23 under 10mm. Dropping down to 150 for this evening and going in on Sunday for a another check. Also thinking this may be trigger day.

Nurse Chris is not clairvoyant, but rather I'm tracking at a pace nearly identical to the last cycle where I got preggers with Baby K. My D7 E2 was 1155 in 2009 and is 1154 today. My lining is at 11--maybe that accounts for the extra baggage I feel I'm dragging around.

Still cautiously optimistic as those follies need to be filled with something good. Cheers to hopefulness--one embryo at a time.

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