Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day Three v. Day Five

We're on the flex plan for transfer.  While some clinics make a call today (the NEW Day 1) mine doesn't because--"there's nothing you can do...[and] means nothing"--unless it's bad news--and "we don't want you hovering around your phone.  Go relax" It's true!

And that's what we did.
A short trip into Boston to the Sam Adams Brewery--with delightful free samples. (AWESOME!)

It's a fantastic, little free tour, and kids can go-they get root beer at the end.  Donations are suggested and go 100% to charity.

We began the day with a market research sample at 10:43 am tipping our first glass.  Along the tour, the working brewery featured the two Brew Masters featured in the commercials working in the vats--pretty cool. We also learned the science of the custom Sams glass (featured to the left). The tour concluded in the tasting room where we sampled three more beers--one that's not even on the market--and toasted to one embryo at a time.  We headed back 'home' and laid by the pool with my distended belly hanging out over my bikini bottoms without a care.

So what if all 14 fertilize? It doesn't mean all 14 will survive 'til transfer day, so I'm on board with giving me the count when it really counts--what's left, what's being transferred, what can be frozen.   As they say, you only need one--but more than one would be nice.

At least we had a day to our selves--not controlled by the madness of my ovaries.  Hope you did, too.

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