Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Whole (Day) 9 Yards

Sunday morning US.
Arrival time 9:05. Appointment time: 9:15am. Actual time seen: tbd.

Frustrated at waiting? No, not really. The weather is kind of crummy and it is not a great beach day.
Frustrated at the number of people here waitig? Yes. And they keep coming! It's 9:30 and three more just showed up--including the family. You know: the hippy mom, the loud and cheerful dad, the 4yo boy needing the free crackers (for those that passout with BW). Ugh. Why not wait in the family waiting area?

The dude walks in and while everyone is minding their own business starts whistling and saying "Goodmorning" in his peppy voice. Grrr. It's Sunday morning and I'm obviously without any caffine. And that lady who left crying needs some, too.

Why do so many need an RE? THAT'S what frustrating.

Oh, ok it's my turn!Do you think blogging on the table would be appropriate? Describe the jamming of ovaries into my diaphragm? The US gel slipping out of my Vajay?

It's really not that bad.  And how could it be with little oven mitts on the stirrups?
And it's already over. Little fluid on each ovary--not surprised since it pools on it's own without drugs. Uterine lining at 15.9. Nine on the left and 10 on the right. Bunch still under 10mm. Got some props for not having a bunch of poop back there--I'm "photogenic" (thanks?). One or two are already at 20 so I'm betting we'll trigger tonight.

Meanwhile, the husband is traveling today and coming back tomorrow night. He's flying, but it's only a 6 hr drive. Hope he enjoys the business-expensed hotel perks while I cringe in this place. You think those E2 levels are starting to affect me? Ha. Ha. Ha.

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