Monday, July 25, 2011

'Eggs-traction' Eve

In some households, this is a major holiday of sorts.

Much like Christmas.
Well, minus the religious celebration of the birth of Christ and someone else unwrapps your 'presents' then tells you what you got.
So, nothing like Christmas. But none the less, a family holiday about the idea of conception (even without sex).

I was on time last night with my hCG and within two hours I was feeling sick. Everything smelled sour and my stomach was churning. I laid in bed gazing at the ceiling only to hear the clunking of (what I imagined) a 700 pound man pacing at 12:30am because his angina was keeping him awake and his loving 400 pound wife constantly getting up to get him a Tum.s.

A lovely night indeed. But life goes on and of course husband was stuck in DC with a delayed flight--ETA 11:30pm. Another well rested evening I am enjoying.

Looking forward to my 8:30 am cocktail the handsome anasthesiologist mixes for me--as long as he remembers I don't like gin.

Other than that, the injection site is sore. I made it to the gym for a very light workout, but it still felt good. Plus, I picked up a few baggy t-shirts that are styling enough not to look like a frumpasaurious for the next two weeks until the bloat settles. No go on the mani-pedi and massage; everyone was 'booked.' blah.

Ok, well cheers to a double needle piercing through the wall of my Vajay tomorrow while husband has peaceful time to himself (wink, wink)!

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  1. nice- "eggs traction". such a poet. is your anesthesiologist really handsome?