Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Update

I've been off the BC and had a mild period...just fine with me...and hittin' the needle.  maybe too often. Friday I was in for my BW and US and that came back well, so Friday was another night of 10 Lupron, and Saturday began stims.  But of course nothing is that easy.

The med window is 7-9 pm on my protocol and by 10:30 I realized, 'There's something I'm missing.'

I loaded the Follistim pen and cranked it up to 225--all good. Down reg of the down reg, so 5 of the Lupron--all good.  Then the damn Menapur.  I get this bonus because, well, my eggs need some extra love.   It's a mixed cocktail so you're putting in 1cc into the powder.  I used the PIO needle--the big 18 guage one --for that part.  Then you have to stick it in your belly with the others, only I realized I haven't got any other sub-q needles besides the little Lupron ones (they only hold 1/2 a cc).


I go with it and get an extra stick out of the whole deal. And find myself with a dull needle. Even better.  Stick number 4 finally goes 'in'.

Way to start.  
It's now Tuesday and I've been stimming for three nights on the Holy Trinity (Lupron, Follistim & Menapur), but I'm feeling pretty good. Haven't reached the bloat phase yet, but I know it's coming.  But I know my clinic is anti-OHSS and super precautious, so that's good.  The weather has been sticky and hot, so I haven't been exercising either.  Today is our travel day and I'm looking forward to the beach--after the magic wand each morning--starting tomorrow.  Tomorrow the excitement begins.  The follicles counted, the ovaries measured, the arms attacked.  All the anticipation, one embryo at a time.

Cheers to the Holy Trinity and dear old St. Jude.  Drinking lots of water, downing a little royal jelly, and a choking on a horse-pill of a vitamin. 

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