Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's web a long weekend and we've been having some gloomy weather. And while looking for something else, I found this:

The highlight? It's a medical tourism group from India.

I didn't look at any content besides the landing page, but that alone had me interested.

Let's go to India!

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Weak Week

Seven days have past. In seven days you can do a lot--like eat seven peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches. For me it seems I've done nothing but given myself 7 stabs, processed 7cc of progesterone, and well, ate 7 PB&Js (note: wine has been replaced by PB&J.

We've also watched a bunch of mini-videos with Baby K and The loving husband. So many times that he reported singing Twinkle Twinkle today at work. But my fave is The Wheels On the Bus to which Baby K has little movements. In an uncoordinated and sorry attempt at keeping time to the music, they are so sweet and precious. Meanwhile, the husband is taking up a new career rewriting the lyrics: "Mommy don't forget to do your shot, do your shot, do your shot. Mommy don't forget to do your shot to help make more babies."

And it's 8:35pm so cheers to day number seven. The seventh shot, in the seventh hour (if we were on central time). And to a weak week. Blah.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Folding of an Embryo

I'm trucking along here at 4dp3dt (4 days past 3 day transfer) with absolutely nothing to tell you about except how many times I Goog.le it--a google amount! I stress out my super-suave husband when I start to do any housework--but hey, maybe he's right! My embryos are folding so I don't have to!

Here's a little multimedia clip to show off what our super cells are doing:

YouTube: the growing embryo

Update: sorry if the link isnt working. Try pasting this:

Monday, August 1, 2011

How Many Days...

...Does it take to get an insurance referral?
...Until I can get an appointment with the Doctor?
...Does it take for me to start a cycle?
...Do I need to wait until I can start a new cycle?
...Are my follicles going to need?
...To hear back on my blood work?
...Will my embryos survive?
...Should I abstain from sex before the semen analysis?
...Until the swelling goes down?
...Should I have my period for?
...Do I have to stick the giant needle in?
...Will I have to listen to other people's IVF success stories until I can share mine?
...Do I have to use these waxy, leaky suppositories?
...Should I not work out/elevate my heart rate?
...Can I not eat sushi?
...Do I have until my bill has to be paid in full?
...Will it take to get those meds delivered?
...Can I 'get out' of housework--like vacuuming, and lifting heavy objects--like the groceries and laundry?
...Until I can take a pregnancy test?