Sunday, July 24, 2011

hCG Top Ten

We're pulling the trigger tonight to start the process of getting all these eggies floating IN the follicles--no one allowed to escape. I trigger at 8:30 pm EST and go back to the Center at 8:30am on Tuesday for a 9:30am retrieval.  36-hours of the calm before the storm.  IVF-ers you know what I mean. Newbies & followers:  you'll understand after the next few posts as the crazy-train begins to board on Tuesday and we wait to hear the news, one embryo at a time.

Tonight's solo-shot is of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) produced naturally by the pituitary gland in both males and females and artificially from the pee of pregnant women.  It has a variety of uses such as higher doses are given to prepubescent boys if their balls don't drop--


It's used by 'roid users to help their balls from shrinking--like Man.ny Ram.eriz who was suspended 50-games by MLB for testing HOT for hCG (ESPN, 2009).


But for women I find it an amazing hormone.  Here's my hCG Top Ten (in random order):

1. The amino acids mimic that of the luteinizing hormone (LH) necessary for ovulation--goes with the luteal phase of a cycle--and can be used to assist timed ovulation induction= timed intercourse (no extra sex, honey!) or retrieval in IVF
2. It's what you test for when you pee on a stick. And some women go home after IVF and wonder why they're positive--it's the hCG getting picked up on the test
3. It's the hormone that makes you super-sick in the first trimester.  Ok, this one's not so awesome.
4. It can be an indicator for birth defects (later on)
5. It can be an indicator for cancer in women
6. It may help prevent the transfer of HIV-1 to the fetus
7. It helps the lining get all cushy and gooey for the embryo to move in and helps embryo attach
8. It is thought to help block the mother's immunity defenses from 'attacking' the embryo.
9. It has a generic form that's relatively affordable (and actually covered by my insurance company
10. It's a treatment for fatness
Yes, you read number ten correctly.  While the rest of us are shooting this up while gaining weight in the hopes to gain more weight, people are shooting it to lose weight.  More irony. Go ahead, open a new tab and Google hCG diet.

I heard/read about it a few years back when we started all of this-- when the A.lles, et. al. hit the market without an Rx.  But now there seems to be a whole portion of the weight loss industry devoted to it.  

The drug is 'illegally' used in this capacity and in NO WAY do I suggest trying it out.  In fact, I actually agree with the FDA (be VERY surprised at that) that the studies were--well, stupid.  The claim is a low--I mean super low--calorie intake of about 500 Kcals  plus hCG will have you losing weight.  

Ask any anorexic and they'll tell you the same thing: cut the calories, lose the weight. Duh! 

I thought it'd be a good blog entry today and while surfing around for my 'research' and found myself laughing---there are a few pages for some of these companies. Of course I just had to scroll on down the wall and get a good ab workout in.

"I'm terribly hungry" said one user.  NO WAY? REALLY?
The page admin replied, "Eat apples all day.  As many as you want but only apples." 

Someone told Snow White to eat apples, too.  Oh, and I won't leave out Eve. 

However, what I found hilarious was the fact that this same company was advertising a 'program' complete with a recipe book like these on their FB wall. 

Who buys a recipe book when eating only 500 Kcal/day?

I did a quick search for 'calories of food counter' and a whole lot of programs populated for FREE much like the ones I used in my college nutrition classes.  OH, and an apple--that's about 55 Kcals for a small one at approximately 1/4 of a pound--go ahead and eat 10.

I know the hCG Diet is aimed at burning 'the fat' not muscle, but I find it totally ridiculous.  Here's my summation: Eat less. Work out.  Do the work. Reap the rewards.

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