Friday, July 8, 2011

Second Guessing

I mentioned that I was all out of wack about why I can't focus and be dedicated to this IVF cyle last blog entry and I needed a few days to think it over and chat with my super nurses and Baby-Doc. My husband needed a few days to catch up on Angry Birds and investigate the 'achievenment awards' he can amass. But I digress. **insert picture of Golden Eggs here for sarcastic image of husband and IVF**

So, we're scheduled to begin with the same protocol and perhaps this is/was making me double-take. With my diagnosis--PCOS, annovulatory, higher FSH--we're working with a slim margin of success. Coupled with an established practice that conducts research, they maybe slightly more conservative in medicating to prevent OHSS as they are establishing and following industry standards (still maintain 49% success rate and they aren't the 'super-selective Center' focused on keeping their stats up). Baby-Doc views success as 11 fertilized, 2 implanted embryos, 1 live birth, 2 frozen embryos. So yes, Baby K is a 'good egg'. **revert back to Golden Egg image**

We view this as 25%, or 1:4. Sure both implanted--and I believe I would have carried twins had I not had a uterine hematoma--which perhaps I wouldn't have had had I not been taking baby asprin. But we'll never know if it was that or Mother Nature/genetics.

So the question becomes if it ain't broke, can you make it better? And our answer is take it for a test drive first.

So, we'll go ahead with this cycle, shelling out over 9K, hope for baby(ies) one embryo at a time and if not take the info and create a more aggressive plan. meanwhile button down the hatches...going into super-saver mode. Cha-Ching.

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  1. i have a good feeling about it; youre going to get pregnant ::positive thoughts and positive energy::