Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Loopy on Lupron

Starting week three of birth control, and I am scheduled to take my first dose of Lupron. There's a national shortage of Lupron so I was prescribed a compounded version that was shipped from Arizona. Tells you something when there's such a demand for a fertility drug.

I'm on 10u for the first two weeks. My clinic sends out a calendar with all the drugs, monitoring dates, tests, etc., to follow because in all this mayham it's so easy to get confused. Infact, even with the calendar I seem to mess it up.

Like last night when I thought I was doing 5u. So, into the belly goes the needle. Yay! Day one done. Then James checked and I had to do another.

5+5=10 right?

Hope so.

Gosh, what's wrong with me? The first treatments we tried everything to help ourselves get pregnant: acupuncture, diet, supplements, etc. Now it seems just doing the minimum--no drinking and a prenatal vitamin.


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  1. content: no need for more when you have that baby of gem, K